1th Forum | 8 November 1995

Employee qualification for the retail trade in 2010, 8 November 1995

Starting point

The retail trade in 2010 will differ from that in 1995 in some key areas:

  • Changing values
  • The internationalisation of trade
  • Media trade

These are just three of many drivers behind this change. On the other hand we have lease contracts stretching far beyond 2010, as well as training regimes, framework curricula and study regulations which can only be adapted very slowly (if at all) to changes in practice.

Forum events and objectives

The organiser presented the anticipated development of trade between now and 2010 in ten hypotheses. Experts took part in a panel discussion on the subject. In workshops, four experts and participants from four different target groups devised hypotheses for the changing qualification requirements for future representatives of said groups. The results of the workshops were presented by the experts in the plenary session, forming the foundations for subsequent GFB forums.
Individual aspects will be discussed in depth at these future forums and practical suggestions developed. These suggestions will then be presented to decision-makers in companies, organisations, associations and politics.

The program overview