2th Forum | 24 September 1996

Service availability and customer focus

Starting point

The retail trade in 2010 will differ from that in 1995 in some key areas.

In this context, the 1995 GFB professional education forum saw experts Uta-Maria Schneppe (BAG), Dr. Ingo Fischer (Asko), Dietrich Jacobi (Karstadt) and Rainer von Kirchlich (Edeka) hold discussions with participants on the requirements of employee qualification for the retail trade in 2010.

Despite being limited by the chosen concept, this stocktake proved to be very complex. From the wide range of topics discussed, we selected the topic of

service availability and customer focus

for the 1996 GFB professional education forum, as this is highly topical in the short term and hugely strategically important in the medium and long term in an era of stagnating turnover.

Other topics from the 1995 forum will be tackled in subsequent years.

Forum events and objectives

The aim of the forum was to develop specific suggestions to improve the customer focus of employees in retail companies. Particularly important elements here were insufficient service availability in our society and its impact on the behaviour of employees in the retail trade.

The collection of experts and participants promised extremely interesting debate.

The results of the forum will be presented to decision-makers in companies, organisations, associations and politics.

The program overview