8th Europrofession Forum

E-learning in practical testing

After great euphoria and much early praise, the topic of e-learning has since been examined more soberly. The 2002 Europrofession Forum also took a sober look at the topic, narrowed to its potential and clear boundaries. The invited experts presented the content which they convey via e-learning in practice and discussed meaningful use of e-learning techniques.

Hierarchic integration of e-learners into a company structure and the ideal weighting of e-learning elements within a programme, taking the premise of ‘how much e-learning can a person take?’, were examined during a panel discussion in the afternoon.

Three of the expert speakers made reference to the Europrofession Foundation’s 2002 practical project in conjunction with TOP GmbH. This project analysed and evaluated the impact of the variously weighted use of e-learning and face-to-face learning phases as part of the IHK-certified training programme ‘Consultants in hardware and DIY stores IHK (online)’. The examination results submitted to the Saarland IHK in early November 2002 demonstrated that ‘e-learners’ were just as successful as the group of conventional learners with fewer e-learning elements and more face-to-face learning.

This positive project result reflects the main thrust of the event’s findings: that e-learning should be viewed as offering a challenge and potential for companies. All in all, e-learning developments should be considered positive. Companies have realised that they can no longer sidestep e-learning in providing their employees with professional qualification.

The program overview.