17th Europrofession Forum | 25 to 26 October 2011

Innovative staff qualification in companies

Qualified staff are a key factor for any institution’s productivity, performance and success. But how do staff become qualified? What innovative concepts and current implementation scenarios are there? What role is played by online networks and social media services?

‘Web-based qualification’ was one of the key topics of the 2011 Europrofession Forum, during which participants tackled innovative staff qualification in companies as part of the ‘Industry and Science in Dialogue’ series – following the topics of consulting in 2009 and staff selection in 2010. Since it was founded in 2000, the Europrofession Foundation has been focusing in particular on one of the three promotion priorities named in its statutes – promoting professional education – and the annual Europrofession Forum is an expression of this area of focus. The 2000 forum covered the topic of ‘New media in staff development: web-based training in retail’ and provided initial indications of developments, the consequences of which were discussed in presentations at the 2011 forum.

Speakers on web-based learning included Professor Jörg Siekmann (Scientific Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) who discussed ‘Innovative technologies for educational processes’, and Professor Andrea Back of the University of St. Gallen who gave a talk on ‘How social media and web 2.0 values affect education management’. Other topics from the field of science included lifelong learning, further training, teachers’ media skills, and continuing education at universities. Representatives of companies such as Cisco Systems, Hager, Festo Lernzentrum and IMC AG presented applications and experiences from the practical world. These included technology-based staff development and customer qualification, as well as the topic of ‘Human resource management from the perspective of a global player’ as presented by Alexander Uelsberg from Microsoft Germany.

The program overview.